Request for Proposals/BIDS

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Request for Proposals

The Housing Authority of the Town of Secaucus will accept proposals for architectural and engineering services for Construction & Management Services needed for elevator upgrades at 777 Fifth Street, Secaucus, NJ. To obtain the complete RFP package CLICK HERE




The SECAUCUS HOUSING AUTHORITY, 700 COUNTY AVENUE, SECACUS, NEW JERSEY  07094-2700, the awarding authority (hereinafter referred to as “the Authority”), is receiving bids for ROOF REMOVAL and REPLACEMENT FOR THE ELMS, 777 FIFTH STREET and ROCCO IMPREVEDUTO TOWERS, 600 COUNTY AVENUE, SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY.


The Authority will receive sealed bids for this work in accordance with the Contract Documents prepared by the Architect, Charles J. Collins, Jr., 575 McKendimen Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055, together with such Addenda as may be issued prior to the date set for the receipt of Bids.


Generally, the work shall include: the total removal of the old roof and its replacement with a new roofing system of approximately 10,900 s.f. for The Elms, approximately 6,645 S.F for Rocco Impreveduto Towers and related work.


The Contract Documents describing the Work, along with any Addenda that may be issued, will be on file and may be examined at the offices of the Authority on and after April 26, 2017. Bidders may obtain complete sets of the Contract Documents at the Authority for a non-refundable charge of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).  The cost for mailing complete sets of Contract Documents will be Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) plus the non-refundable charge.


A PreBid Conference for all Bidders will be held at the Administrative Offices of the Authority on May 10, 2017, at 10:00 A.M. for the purposes of entertaining questions and a review of the project site by the bidders.  It is highly recommended that bidders attend the PreBid Conference for the purposes of clarifying questions, familiarizing themselves with the project site, hearing questions from other bidders and raising concerns that may be revealed by the site visit.  Failure of a bidder to attend the Pre-Bid Conference is at the bidder’s own risk.  Any Bidder who intends to pick-up Contract Documents at the PreBid Conference must notify the Authority 24 hours in advance so that a set can be reserved for them.


Bids will be received until Tuesday, June 6, 2017, at 11:00 a.m., prevailing time, at the Administrative Offices of the Authority, located at 700 County Avenue, Secaucus, New Jersey, at which time all Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.  No Bid shall be withdrawn for a period of 60 calendar days subsequent to the Bid Opening Date without written consent of the Authority.


Sealed proposals for a single, overall, contract for General Construction, covering all trades, will be received for all labor and materials to complete the Project.  Bidders and the successful Contractor and his Subcontractors will be required to comply with Affirmative Action regulations of the State of New Jersey, stipulated in N.J.S.A. 10:5-31-38, and comply with Chapter 33 of the Public Laws of 1977 and with the requirements of Public Law of 1975, Chapter 127.


Bidders and all named subcontractors are required to be registered with the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue, at the time the bids will be received by the Authority pursuant to the “Business Registration Act” as stipulated in N.J.S.A. 52:32-44, Chapter 57 of the Public Laws of 2004, and submit proof of their business registration.


Bidders and all named subcontractors are required to be registered with the State of New Jersey, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Wage and Hour Compliance, at the time the bids will be received by the Authority pursuant to the “The Public Works Contractor Registration Act”, as stipulated in N.J.S.A. 34:11-56.48, Chapter 238, Public Laws of 1999, and submit proof of their registration.


The Authority reserves the right to waive any informality in any Bid or Bids, to reject any and all Bids, and to accept such Bid or Bids and make such awards as may be in the best interest of the Authority.


Bids must be submitted in triplicate, on the Form of Proposal provided, following

Instructions set forth in the “Instructions to Bidders” and “Supplementary Instructions to Bidders” found in the Project Manual.


Each Bid shall be accompanied by a Bid Guarantee in the form of a Certified Check or Bid Bond.  The amount of the Bid Guarantee shall be: not less than ten (10) percent of the Bid, for Bids which are less than $200,000.00; or, $20,000.00 for Bids from $200,001.00 to $400,000.00; or, five (5) percent of the Bid for Bids greater than $400,000.00.  Bidders are hereby advised that the amount of the Bid Guarantee shall be more than $20,000.00 for Bids that are in excess of $400,000.00.  Certified Checks, when used as the Bid Guarantee, shall be made payable to the Authority.  Bid Bonds, when used as the Bid Guarantee, shall be issued by a Surety Company admitted to do business in the State of New Jersey and listed in United States Treasury Circular No. 570.  The form of the Bid Bond shall be that which is found in the Project Manual.


Bidders are required to visit the site of the proposed work in order to become familiar with the existing conditions.  The site will generally be available for inspection, by appointment only, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (Holidays excluded).  Contact the Authority by telephone at 609-646-3023 for site visit appointments.  Twenty-four (24) hours advance notice is required.


The Secaucus Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages Minority and Women Owned Businesses to submit bids.


When the Bidder is a Corporation, the Bid must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit listing the names and addresses of all persons owning ten (10) percent or more stock in the Corporation submitting the Bid.


The successful Bidder will be required to obtain a Payment and Performance Bond for the full amount of the Contract, as defined, from a Surety Company admitted to do business in New Jersey and listed in United States Treasury Circular No. 570.


This Project is being executed with funds provided by the United States Government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Prospective Bidders are hereby informed that not less than the minimum prevailing wage rates as required by H.U.D. shall be paid on this Project.